Do you want to grow your business but feel you are missing two vital elements... investment and expertise.

If you are a company looking for investment to grow your business (or an investor seeking higher returns by investing in such a company), you’re in the right place.

You’ve already found one of those key elements - the expertise of a successful team who have been there, solved the problem and even written the book.

Talk to us and we can review your corporate status, plan for change and action the agreed course, ready to create a business plan worthy of Copper Bottom Investment.

Peter Boulton, Fellow of the Institute of Directors, works with and invests in businesses through Intime Profit and Copper Bottom Investments. We can make you ‘investment ready’; introduce viable investors; or introduce viable investments.

Contact intime PROFIT and receive a FREE copy of ‘Thinking Profit’. Thinking Profit is a biography of the corporate journey of the European arm of an international plastics manufacturer, from poor performance to sustainable growth and profit. Its author, Peter Boulton is the founder of intime PROFIT. Peter was that company’s MD and the journey was his.

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