“Problems are opportunities, ideas should be tested and success is the only acceptable outcome.” Peter Boulton FIoD

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Before a business can realistically seek investment, it has to invest a little time and potentially money itself to invite potential investors.

They need to see a solid business, operationally viable, with adventurous yet deliverable plans to reward all involved.

As Peter is a founding partner of Copper Bottom Investments as well as founding partner in Intime Profit, you will benefit from specialist advice and expertise to make you ‘investment ready’.


Copper bottoming was inspired from the 18th century nautical practice of copper plating the hulls of tea clippers to streamline them, stopping algae from sticking to the hull. This made them faster, more productive and ultimately more profitable.

Essentially, this is the service we offer to companies and investors. A smooth, streamlined link between businesses ready for growth and investors keen to increase profits and the return on investment.

Investment Returns

If you are an investor looking for opportunities to increase your rate of return, we can help.

When companies approach us for investment, we match them with a partner who understands their industry. This gives us the background and information to determine whether they fit your criteria for investment.

Copper Bottom perform the review and only then introduce them as a potential investment opportunity for your consideration.